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A marketplace that connects customers to vetted house keepers.

Acquired — The platform that started it all. Wand is an Uber-like platform that connects housekeepers to vetted cleaning professionals. I co-founded this app with a good friend, and ran it for about 4 years. At the time of my departure, it was live in Denver, Seattle and St. Louis. Over the years, we built a base of hundreds of cleaning providers and helped customers buy back thousands of hours of time.

I departed Wand because over time, I realized that I have more fun building platforms than running them, and also we’d lost a significant portion of revenue on our marketplace model during COVID due to the fact that most of our customer base were Airbnb hosts. Travel stopped, bookings stopped, cleanings stopped.

I quickly pivoted the technology to be geared towards serving as a back office tool for established cleaning businesses, and we were in the process of acquiring our first customers in this space when I was made an offer to have my majority bought out by Greenaway Group.

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