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Working with me

I simplify complex processes and build resilient systems.

I might not be right for you, and you might be right for me. That’s okay.

Here’s what I’m NOT looking for: #

Someone to pay me $1,000 to turn 1000 screws.

Here’s what I AM open to: #

Somone to pay me $1,000 because I know how to turn the only screw that matters.

The best way to work with me right now is through 1:1 consulting. Typically for an hour a week or more, I will work with you or your company’s decision maker to help come to conclusions about how to move towards a specific objective. Here I am not a laborer, I am a guide.

Here’s a referral from the president of a bank and here’s another from the founder of Build-A-Bear.

If you have a software idea/platform/gadget or gizmo that you are looking to have developed, then send me a note here outlining the project scope and I will reply with a bid and timeline if I’m interested in working on it.

I have a sweet spot for marketplaces because I love helping users on one side of my platforms take ownership of their income and users on the other side buy back the one thing they thought that they couldn’t: time.

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For all other inquiries, let me know your screw here.

If you’re looking for a skillset that doesn’t map to what I’ve outlined here, this is a list of freelancers I trust.